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About Siverio Stunts

This website directory is designed to work in conjunction with the Siverio Stunts Mobile App Directory. The purpose of creating this directory was to provide members of the stunt community with a free database that is accessible to Stunt Coordinators no matter what communication platform they use (be it either iPhone, iPad, Android or web browser). Its a directory of stunt professionals by stunt professionals. Anyone can create a profile on the directory as long as they meet the directory’s minimum stunt performer registration requirements. Stunt Coordinators who meet the directory’s minimum stunt coordinator’s registration requirements will be granted access to the entire profile database.

Stunt Coordinators registered on the directory are able to search for talent (stunt performers) by:

  • -Name
  • -Gender
  • -Ethnicity
  • -Local of
  • -Height
  • -Weight
  • -Skills

Once users log into their account they'll be able to view, update, change photos and email personal profile stats to whomever they please. Latest Features Include:

  • -Updated Directory Interface
  • -Forgot Password Feature
  • -Reset Password Feature
  • -Email Profile Stats
  • -Search of Member Directory
  • -Chat Feature among Directory Members
  • -Help/Support Link
  • -In Memory Of

This project was conceived in the spirit of mutual collaboration and cooperation, and as such will always be offered free of charge to all those who qualify. The Siverio Stunt Directory will NEVER become a monetized application. We invite Stunt Coordinators to join and take advantage of this tool and in turn encourage others within their circle to join the database so that together we can pool our combined resources to create a one stunt shop shop comprehensive stunt casting directory beneficial to both those seeking to hire and those looking to get hired.

In this same spirit we encourage suggestions from all members of the directory in pursuit of making this database as efficient and fully featured as possible.

Thanks for your support.

Wishing you all success.

Always be safe.


Admin, Siverio Stunt Directory